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You may experience a happy surprise this week that changes how you view hope. Libra, a small problem can become a bigger one when left ignored, but sometimes the reverse is true, too. A big problem might need to be left alone to resolve itself especially if it's a burden you were never made to carry.

Taurus Horoscope

Scorpio, your courage is contagious. You often don't show it on the outside how scared you are to take a risk. But, when you share how you are feeling with those closest to you, you inspire others to do the same. Sagittarius, life often falls in the shades of gray more than they do in areas of black and white.

Being able to see both sides of your circumstances can take time but you will with patience and desire to understand. Capricorn, when you feel tempted take heart. You are learning to say no in a way that you will never forget later. Your inner strength is flexing its muscles for you. When you think you'll give in, you will be surprised at your own resilience! Aquarius, your good luck won't run out before you've had an opportunity to complete all that you have going on.

Time is misleading. There are certain things that fate has planned for your future and nothing can stop you from accomplishing it. Follow Us. Mars also lights up your love life, so avoid any petty drama and compromise if conflict arises especially if it's tied to you being stressed at work.


Focus on the big picture, Taurus! Pluto turns direct in your visionary zone on Wednesday, helping you stop sweating the small stuff. Even better: Mercury enters your love zone on Thursday, helping you better communicate with people who are usually not your type, just in time for cuffing season.

Astrology~ Horoscopes ~ by Tim Stephens

And Mars enters your health and wellness sector too, helping you become the best bull you can be! Enjoy this calm, fun period of time while it lasts! Go deeper, Gemini. Pluto turns direct in your intimacy and sexuality zone on Wednesday, helping you see the most meaningful dimensions of your partner s.

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And Mercury joins your health zone on Thursday, organizing your wellness routine so you can feel your best. Mars enters your confidence sector as well, motivating you to strut and shine even brighter! Aka, this is a solid time to go on any first dates!

Power struggles, Cancer? Pluto turns direct in your romance sector on Wednesday. Release control, honor your boundaries, and trust others. Additionally, Mercury enters your confidence zone on Thursday, making you feel like the smoothest talker. But if you still feel like retreating, Mars lights up the home area of your chart too, so redecorate, plan the move, or nest away!

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Whatever you do, just be a lil easier on yourself, bb. Pluto turns direct in your self-development arena on Wednesday, so your sense of responsibility, discernment, and impulse control returns. Also, Mercury enters your home zone on Thursday, so you want any romantic interests to make you feel suuuuper comfortable around them.

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And Mars lights up your curiosities space, turning you on to the smartest, well-spoken partners. Everything in your life, including who you're into, just feels more balanced right now. Push aside perfectionism, Virgo! Pluto turns direct in your creativity and confidence arena, making you gravitate towards authenticity in yourself and other people.

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To further help with that, Mercury enters your intellectual zone on Thursday, inspiring you to speak up about any differing opinions. Read full overview. Are you ready to move forward?

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