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  2. Jennifer talks with Demian Allan about his amazing work as an Astrologer
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He has been a professional psychic for twelve years, and is committed to high ethical standards in his readings.

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Demian is available for astrology readings at Watkins every week call the shop to find out more. There are quite a few people that would claim to have talent in reading tarot but truly ask yourself how many have the gift. Now I am not suggesting that Demian is not gifted but rather his approach is grounded and down to earth. I had an initial reading with him four weeks prior, asking for guidance on a mundane subject which then prompted me to approach him again.

Jennifer talks with Demian Allan about his amazing work as an Astrologer

This was a good sign. Demain talks a little about the months of October and November and then we branch out into education! All fascinating stuff! Demian shares his passion for astrology with us and how he became interested in it. Astrology is Demian's love, he calls himself an Astrology Geek, dedication, which has set him apart from others!.

He also combines tarot with his work and he sees astrology as being something creative, rather than scientific divination. I loved this interview, as a double cancerian,astrology is something that has always interested me and Demian may well find me attending one of his courses soon!!

Yasmin Boland.

Demian Allan | Faculty of Astrological Studies

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Demian Allan's Astrological Channel

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